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Loaded LxH Lumbar Model

This Loaded LxH Lumbar Model includes many anatomical features for those who want it all….well, almost. Details include: Opaque bone coloured L4 and L5 Dynamic two-part disc (annulus fibrosus and nucleus pulposus) Medial branches Inflamed facet capsule Audible release feature Blue hyaline (polished and roughed with fibrillation as comparison on superior articulating facets of L4) […]


Disc Herniation Models (Group A)

For the spine professional who would like to show disc herniation variations. This group of models shows: symmetrical disc bulge, posterior-lateral protrusion, posterior-lateral extrusion, central protrusion, central extrusion in a dynamic way under compressive loads. This Group A includes three models. Naturally Bulging Model Professional LxH Model Central Protrusion/Extrusion Model – custom crafted (see video) […]


Child Friendly Lumbar Model

This model was constructed with the curious child in mind who is interested in understanding how the spine works. Constructed with a viscoelastic annulus and nucleus, an added feature of a smiley face is within the nucleus to show internal movement. A small tiny tear is also represented within the inner annulus to show that annular […]


LumboPelvis (L3-Pubic Symphysis) Spine Model

A custom crafted lumbopelvis model. This model has been constructed with elastomeric sacroiliac joints (simulated hyaline and fibrocartilage thickness) adhered to a matching ilium and sacral bony specimen including a simulated elastomeric pubic symphysis connecting each ilia ateriorly. This enables six degrees of freedom to be shown as the lumbar spine and pelvis intimately are […]


Round Wood Stand

Display your model on a round fruitwood base with a brass post. (.75in by 4in) Model will need to be drilled 1/4in to accommodate post.


Back Pain Essential Models for Effective Patient Education

This is a collection of the what we believe to be a bundle of essential models for the back and neck pain practitioner. These are the most popular models with data collected over 6 years of buying trends from our website. These 3 models will prepare the practitioner for almost any question that patients will […]


Pelvic Model Translucent Sacroiliac – A model of lumbopelvic motion

Pelvic model to demonstrate dynamic motion of the sacroiliac joints and pubic symphysis. Clearly show pelvic tilt and its relationship to the lumbar spine in this movable model. A durable and realistic tool to show lumbopelvic dysfunctions. Helping explain biomechanical faults of joint space in the discussions of pain generators and the development (and prevention/treatment) […]