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Dynamic motion shown.

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This model with the bulging nucleus is exactly what we see in real discs – its brilliant. It is a perfect teaching tool to illustrate …

Stuart M. McGill Ph.D.
Stuart M. McGill Ph.D.Professor of Spine Biomechanics Canada

Your models have re-established the vital importance of doctor/client communication relationship dramatically bridging the gap

Barry Kluner DC
Barry Kluner DCChiropractor

It’s the best…..I particularly like the visualization of nerve and blood vessel ingrowth, and the contrasting physical “feel” …

Michael A. Adams BSc PhD,
Michael A. Adams BSc PhD, Professor of Biomechanics United Kingdom

Got the models a few weeks back and they are fantastic. Great job with them, I will definitely be referring others to you. …

Clinton Rotondo DC
Clinton Rotondo DC Bay Chiropractic Australia

Professional LxH Model - Dynamic Disc Designs

Lumbar Models

Explore our realistic lumbar spine models carefully handcrafted to accurately detail both normal and pathological problems found in spine. Anatomy that you can trust in a dynamic platform for spine education.

Cervical Spinal Stenosis Model - Dynamic Disc Designs Corp.

Cervical Models

Find the right education tool for the right condition with our roster of cervical models. Explore our realistic and anatomically accurate cervical spine models for accurate spine education.

Double Spondy Model - Demonstrating both a Lytic and Non-Lytic Pars


ddd spine models are now considered an important piece of education inside courtrooms. If a personal injury is related to a spine, you have found the right company.

Dynamic Disc Designs Corp.

Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. is a Canadian spine model company pioneered and developed by Jerome Fryer BSc DC. The attention to detail is unparalleled with many professional spine doctors and educators utilizing the models to help improve outcomes through higher patient education. If spine education is important to you, your company, or your institution, explore the most reputable spine modeling company on the market today. Our focus is on human spine models and unmatched in quality and anatomical detail — being touted as revolutionary for spine educators world-wide. Dynamic Disc Designs (ddd) handcrafts dynamic anatomy including features of a herniating nucleus under manual compression. With an elastomeric two-part intervertebral disc, now many more important anatomical and biomechanical features can be explained to help patients understand pain generators. These hands-on 3d models enable spine professionals (chiropractors, spine surgeons, osteopaths, physiotherapists) to quickly and easily show the complexities of spine movement to help improve education and the bottom line–clinical outcomes.

“The first task for the physician is to show the patient the cause of their pain.”
– Karel Lewit

Human Spine Models

Anatomical models, in the past, have been static and not representative of the research. Dr. Jerome Fryer (founder and chief innovation officer at Dynamic Disc Designs Corp) believed it was time to develop a modeling company that provides a dynamic look into pain generators to help improve outcomes through education. ddd models are rooted from strong research and gives the spine professional confidence in using the models for effective patient education. Offered anatomical details include: innervation to the intervertebral disc, innervation to the facet joints, neoinnervation to inner annulus fibrosus, dynamic disc bulging, delamination to the annulus, dynamic disc height loss, disc herniation under load, flexion load and nuclear shifting, degenerative disc height loss, stenosis models, subluxation models, audible release models, lumbar models, cervical models, epidural puncture models and much more. Clinically, for example, enabling patients a closer look into the nucleus pulposus shifting can aid in the prevention of a flexion intolerant back to understand the movements that stress the posterior annulus.

This is the best lumbar spine model I have seen. I am proud to possess one. It will be of great value when explaining to my patients as well as in my research using Upright MRI
– Francis W. Smith MD Clinical Professor of Radiology Positional MRI Centre Woodend Hospital Aberdeen, Scotland

Have a look at our human spine models gallery !

Explore our dynamic spine models to help improve clinical outcomes through better spine education. Take a dynamic approach to patient education.