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Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. is a Canadian company pioneered and developed by Jerome Fryer BSc DC providing accurate spine models for better patient education. The attention to detail is unparalleled with many professional spine doctors and educators utilizing the models to help improve outcomes through higher patient education. If spine education is important to you, your company, or your institution, explore the most reputable spine modeling company on the market today. Our focus is on human spine models and unmatched in quality and anatomical detail — being touted as revolutionary for spine educators world-wide. Dynamic Disc Designs (ddd) handcrafts realistic dynamic anatomy to improve the communication between doctors and patients with a bottom line to improve clinical outcomes.


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ddd Spine Model Reviews

I have just received my Dynamic Disc model of the lumbar spine & pelvis. VERY good. Excellent / true anatomic accuracy. No metal rod up the spine! L spine and SIJs move naturally. Outstanding education tool. Thanks!!!

Your models have re-established the vital importance of doctor/client communication relationship dramatically bridging the gap

This model with the bulging nucleus is exactly what we see in real discs – its brilliant. It is a perfect teaching tool to illustrate the difference between flexion motion and flexion moment/torque and the disc bulge as an injury mechanism.

It’s the best…..I particularly like the visualization of nerve and blood vessel ingrowth, and the contrasting physical “feel” …

“These models have transformed my patient education. They bring the MRI to life. ddd models are a massive piece in the patient education picture. These models are now an integral part of my practice.”

I am a practicing orthopedic spine surgeon in Northern California.  Jerome’s models give patients an immediate understanding of the anatomical basis of their symptoms and instantly communicate complex spatial relationships that are otherwise extremely difficult if not impossible to communicate otherwise.  One of the core tenets of my practice is that informed patients make better decisions and these models allow me to communicate more effectively and efficiently with my patients.  Thank you!

Anatomical models need updates. “As spine research advances, so should models”, says Dr. Jerome Fryer (founder and chief innovation officer at Dynamic Disc Designs Corp). “It is important to look at pain generators dynamically to help the patient understand their often dynamic symptoms in the search for therapeutic solutions for low back and neck pain.”

He believes in the power of patient education through an accurate assessment, diagnosis and treatment to arrive at the best possible outcomes.

“A realistic model can help a patient’s sense of empowerment.” JF

This is the best lumbar spine model I have seen. I am proud to possess one. It will be of great value when explaining to my patients as well as in my research using Upright MRI
– Francis W. Smith MD Clinical Professor of Radiology Positional MRI Centre Woodend Hospital Aberdeen, Scotland

Dynamic Spine Models

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Explore our dynamic spine models to help improve clinical outcomes through better spine education. Take a dynamic approach to patient education.

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