Courtroom Education Pivots on Accurate 3d Modelling

accurate 3d modelling

Jury Settles on 8 Million Dollar FedEx Crash

In a recent court case, Dynamic Disc Models played a critical role in educating the court on the mechanism of the motor vehicle accident and educating the doctors (and jurors) about the injured spinal tissues.

In 2014, a FedEx truck failed to apply the brakes on the I-95 and rear-ended plaintiff Naddia Dhalai rendering her spinal injuries.

Attorney Benjamin P Cloward argued for Mrs. Dhalai, that her facet joint(s) and intervertebral discs were injured and directly related to the failure of the FedEx truck driver to apply the brakes. The courtroom education pivoted on the utilization of 3d medical models for demonstrating to the doctors and jury members the anatomy in question. Because of their anatomical realism, Dynamic Disc Models helped identify the specifics of the anatomical tissue injuries the plaintiff has been suffering from and obtaining treatment for since 2014.

“We had fantastic treating physicians who were able to clearly explain the injures, treatment and need for future care,” Cloward said.

facet joint modelling

To learn more about how Dynamic Disc Designs Models can help educate the courtroom, explore our wide-ranging accurate 3d modelling for anatomical correctness. Visit Dynamic Disc Designs Corp online store for more.




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  1. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    In June, I was the leading trial expert for an AOSMI instability case. Lumbar, Cervical, and upper cervical. The patient in chronic pain and tried everything. Prayers and education with the BIG BONES, DDD DIsc model and the Facet Capsular/medial branch model brought a $6.1 million verdict in Utah. I would like some free education models.:) I had DMX Video, images, and all kind of visual aids, but the attorney wanted to keep it simple, models only, static unmarked Cervical Flexion-Extension, Lumbar Flexion-Extension, and C1-2 DMX Static images. I explained the AMA WPI Guides 5th Edition, the injuries and mostly used the models to help educate the jury and Judge. Praise Yah!


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