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A spine model that elicits a ‘crack’ when the right L4-5 facets are pressed together

Demonstrating the Advantages of Lumbar Adjustment to New Patients

If you’ve studied chiropractic, you certainly understand the advantages of a lumbar adjustment. Indeed, spine adjustments have been helping pain sufferers for decades, and chiropractic continues to be popular all over the world, with individuals embracing non-invasive ways to feel better when their lower back hurts.

There are a lot of reasons for patients to enjoy the benefits of lumbar adjustment. In 2003, the British Medical Journal published the results of a study that examined 183 individuals with neck and lower back pain. The year-long study sent one-third of the participants to a chiropractor, another third to a physiotherapist, and the last 61 individuals saw their general practitioner for treatment, agreeing to a combination of counseling and drugs when it came to controlling their lumbar pain.

The results are probably not surprising to those to know the true value of chiropractic. The statistics showed that chiropractor-treated patients recovered more quickly than the other two groups and, as an added perk, the cost of chiropractic added up to only about a third of the costs involved with being treated by a physical therapist or general practitioner. That’s a win-win for the chiropractic field!

So, when conferring with new patients considering regular chiropractic care, this is a great study to cite. Patients will be enticed by both the lower cost and the quicker recovery. However, it’s also a good idea to give new patients a perfunctory lesson on the spine in general, including how the spine moves and what a lumbar adjustment can do to help them.

To accomplish that task, an accurate spine model is a necessity. That’s why so many chiropractors are already using the finely-detailed models manufactured by Dynamic Disc Designs. These models are ideal for educating new (and existing) patients about whatever it is that’s ailing them. Furthermore, it’s a tool you can return to again and again as the patient begins and continues to improve.

“This is what was happening to your spine, and this is what chiropractic adjustment has done to help your spine,” is a line you’ll love saying to your patients as they progress through their treatment.

When Dr. Jerome Fryer established Dynamic Disc Designs (DDD) and crafted his first model, he was determined to help his patients better understand the advantages of chiropractic. With his models, patients can hold the spine in their own hands while the chiropractor points out different parts and demonstrates movement.

They’ll leave the office knowing that it’s possible for their pain to disappear and with a determination to make it happen. That’s the best you – the chiropractor – can hope for, right?

I previously used the standard spinal model sold on the market, but my patients seemed disinterested, but when I switched to the DDD model not only was it educational for adults, but has sparked children in our practice to ask great questions as well! They are amazed at the details on the DDD model and really enjoy learning about their spine now!”
– Jen Chen, DC