Spine Model

The Advantages of Owning a 3D Spine Model

We’ve all been there. You walk into a doctor’s office, sit down on a chair or on the table, and are bombarded not only with paintings of bucolic scenes but also a wall full of posters depicting various body parts.

Some of us ignore them. Others sit there and study them carefully, certain that they have the illness or disorder described on the poster or other illustration.

To a lot of patients, these posters are frightening or perhaps intimidating. Beside the supposed life-like images are words they don’t understand and warnings that make them think twice about their lifestyle.

3D Spine Model

In most cases, the posters would be better left folded up in a drawer rather than hanging on the wall. They’re of little help to the patient.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t educate the patient as to what’s happening inside their body. Instead of posters, however, offering the patient a look at a 3D model of the spine is a much better option.

Dynamic Disc Designs offers a plethora of 3D spine model products that provide education not only for patients but also for current and future medical professionals.

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With more than two dozen different models available, many customizable with add-on features, ddd is intent on providing accurate and usable models that can be held in one’s hands, twisted and turned, and otherwise manipulated so that diseases, disorders, and injuries can be better understood.

Potential customers can purchase both lumbar– and cervical-related models that will best assist them in their practice or in their classroom. Dynamic Disc Designs also bundles their models into groups that are most suitable for certain purposes.

Customers can purchase the Spine Educator Package, which includes four different models; the Surgeon’s Education Package, with five different 3D spine model products; the Professional Lumbar Package, which includes three of the company’s most popular products; and the Custom Pro Package Deluxe, an all-inclusive package that contains five of the most detailed and elaborate spine education 3D models on the market today.

In addition, customers can opt for Fryer’s Picks”, a package that includes the models found in the office of Dr. Jerome Fryer, the chiropractor who developed these models for use with his patients, fed up with posters and a static 3D spine model that just didn’t cut it.

This bundle will address many of the conditions often encountered in a spine clinic.

Prices will vary according to what’s included in each package. Accessories are available including stands for display. All of Dynamic Disc Design’s 3D models are extremely durable and many doctors who already use the products note that they’ve owned them for years and they still look new and work properly.

Thinking about purchasing one or more 3D spine model products? The advantages are simple and obvious: patients walk away from the office with a better understand of how therapy will benefit them, and future generations of medical professionals will leave the classroom with a true picture in their head of how the spine operates.