Anatomical Spine Modes - Dynamic Disc Designs

Anatomical Spine Models – Attention to detail

Dynamic Disc Designs looks to provide the provider the best anatomical spine models.

Some of the attention to detail includes a dynamic disc to allow complete visualization of the intervertebral disc.

The foundation in the development of any of the lumbar or cervical models begins with Dr. Jerome Fryer carefully understanding the anatomy involved in pain generation. The selection of the appropriate materials and key anatomical features is at a focus with the busy doctor in mind. Saving precious clinical time is critical in patient care. To have access to effective spine education in arms reach helps the spine professional relay important patient education details.

Anatomical Spine Models - Attention to Detail

Using elastomeric materials to show a dynamic look into the tissues, careful hand-painting of delicate nerves are showcased in the outer annulus of the Professional LxH Model, for example. Other details include scattered particles within the nucleus pulposus to allow visualization of the migration patterns through vertebral lens. Disc herniation is visualized by hands-on compression through an annular fissure and abuts the descending nerve root dynamically.

Flexion movement causes posterior annular stress. This is an important concept to convey when patients have pain with bending forward activities. Driving the point across to motivate the patient to avoid flexion loads is important in improving outcomes for back pain. Dynamic disc models can quickly teach patients neutral and flexion load. When patients see, they believe, and when they believe, they comply.

Often compliance to treatment plans governs outcomes for spine professionals. When a patient truly understands the pain source in back pain, they will work to avoid activities that generate further inflammation. Having accurate spine models, that are dynamic in nature, allows patients a clear look into why they got injured to begin with while the doctor crafts a treatment plan.