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Audible Articular Release Model

audible release model

Audible articular release sounds are very common with spinal manipulation.

There are still many people afraid of the sound and prevent them from trying spinal manipulation as a treatment for back or neck pain. To improve the explanation of this common procedure, Dr. Jerome Fryer, chief innovations officer at Dynamic Disc Designs Corp., has developed an audible articular release model ( spinal model ) that emits and audible “snap” when the facets are manually gapped as as in the actual procedure. This model has brand new features to help the practitioner explain precisely the procedure of spinal manipulation among other reasons as to why this type of procedure would be helpful.

Details include:

  • life-size L4 and L5 vertebrae connected by a flexible 2-part disc including a nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus, herniating nucleus under load
  • Synovial fold (noise generator)
  • Palpable polished hyaline cartilage on three of the four facets to allow the patient to touch what healthy cartilage should feel like
  • One facet has a roughened surface to simulate degradation of cartilage with a fractured surface and early degenerative sharp ostephyte growth to allow patients to understand clearly the early break down of cartilage in the osteoarthritis pathway
  • A signature dynamic disc to show the relationship of dynamic disc height loss and facet joint
  • an optional cauda equina

Dynamic Disc Designs flexible spine models are becoming the standard in spine education. Explore and find which model can help you the most with your education to improve clinical outcomes.

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