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Models of Disc Degeneration

What is the goal of the Study? This Study aims to learn more about in-vitro models of disc degeneration. In this review paper, the authors sought a clinical perspective on the current state of in-vitro modelling related to the disruption, overloading and biochemical changes within the intervertebral disc.1 Why are they doing this Study? Learning […]

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Cell Clustering in Disc Degeneration – Reparative Potential Within

Goal of the Study? Learning how back pain develops and potentially advances in degenerative disc disease is critical. Back pain has profound socioeconomic costs worldwide. In this research paper1 a group of researchers looked to learn more about the anatomical details of the disc by looking at cell clusters rather than looking at the disc […]

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Can MRI findings predict lumbar instability?

Goal of the Study? Vertebral slippage (spondylolisthesis) can occur in the ageing spine. In listhesis, one vertebra is either forward or backwards relative to its adjacent vertebral partner in the vertebral column. In this research study 1, the authors looked at dynamic anterior (forward) slippage of the top vertebra relative to the lower because there […]