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Disk Degeneration Higher than Reported in the Youth at this Hospital

Goal of the Study? The goal of this study1 was to have a closer look at the younger population’s lower back MRI findings. Most epidemiological investigations on youth and back pain MRIs have looked at developed countries. In this study, the researchers looked at an underdeveloped country, Uganda, along with the youth’s clinical features of […]

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Tensile forces create spinal spurs | Biomechanical Evaluation of Spondylophyte Development

Goal of the Study? Bone spurs that project off vertebral bodies (spondylophytes) are common. However, the causes of their development are somewhat curious. Are these vertebral spurs due to tensile (stretching/lengthening) forces, or are they due to compressive forces? In this study1 these researchers sought to find some answers. Why are they doing this study? […]

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What does it mean when a patient reports discomfort, pain and stiffness? Chiropractic Patient Survey

Goal of the Study? Every day, patients present to clinics worldwide and report pain, discomfort, and stiffness to their providers. These people also can be labelled as ‘chronic pain patients’. An interesting paper was published in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders1 where researchers worked to try to understand what these words meant to the patients to help […]

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Low Rate Loading Regenerated Degenerated Discs

Goal of the Study? The regenerative potential of a degenerated disc has been questioned over the years. In this ISSLS prize-winning study1, these researchers looked at a particular low load rate, a special rate they have been investigating for years. Discs have a propensity to degenerate, likely due to their avascularity and nutrient supply routes, but […]

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Facet joint injections with and without endplate damage—a prospective cohort study.

Goal of the Study? Lower back pain contributes to a lot of pain and disability on this planet. One of the strategies for dealing with it is using facet joint injections with corticosteroids to reduce the pain. However, facet joint injections do not always work. In this prospective cohort study published in The Spine Journal1 […]

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Mechanical Strain Accelerates Intervertebral Disc Degeneration Through Circadian Rhythm Disruption

Goal of the Study? The intervertebral disc often plays a role in back pain. In this study1 researchers were curious about how disrupting the natural circadian clock could influence the intervertebral disc and its degeneration. It is known that the intervertebral disc experiences night/day variations of load. During the night, the disc experiences significantly reduced […]

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Pubertal growth spurt differentiates adults with low back pain from their asymptomatic peers

Goal of the Study? Disc degeneration (DD) is associated with ageing. However, DD is not always associated with lower back pain. This ISSLS Prize-Winning 2022 study1 looked at DD from childhood to adulthood to learn more about the natural history and see if it was related to clinical lower back pain.   Why are they […]