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Plain Talk about a Lumbar Herniated Disc

The term “herniated disc” is a fairly common one. Most people have heard it used in conversations about friends or family members suffering from back pain, but do they really know what it is we’re referring to when mentioning this term.?Probably not. The fact remains, however, that a fair percentage of individuals will suffer from […]

Demonstrating the Advantages of Lumbar Adjustment to New Patients

If you’ve studied chiropractic, you certainly understand the advantages of a lumbar adjustment. Indeed, spine adjustments have been helping pain sufferers for decades, and chiropractic continues to be popular all over the world, with individuals embracing non-invasive ways to feel better when their lower back hurts. There are a lot of reasons for patients to […]

Patients Have Lots to Learn about the Lumbar Area

To most people who aren’t involved in medicine, anatomy is a mystery. Perhaps there are some individuals who took an anatomy class in high school or college, fascinated with the make-up of the human body, but that’s as far as it went. Or maybe some had one of those skeleton models when they were a […]

How Do You Clinically Execute Back Pain Education?

Studies and research papers each provide us with plenty of information. Put them all together, however, and you might make even more discoveries about the subject that interests you. Recently, a study in the European Journal of Pain consisted of results from a systemic review of all current research regarding the treatment of lower back […]

Explaining Annoying Spine Neck Pain

Spine neck pain can be one of the most annoying types of pain a person will experience in their lifetime…and the pain is especially frustrating when it lingers, keeping the sufferer from doing everyday tasks and from enjoying the activities they love most. Just like back pain, neck pain can be very debilitating and is […]

Chatting with your Patients about Lumbar Exercises

There are lots of ways to help a back get back into shape. As a spine specialist, chances are you recommend a variety of options for your patients, who are facing various problems and disorders, to help them feel better. Some lumbar spine problems require surgery. Such procedures are simply unavoidable in some cases. Other […]

Treating Middle Back Pain

Middle back pain, also sometimes known as thoracic back pain, isn’t as common a complaint as lower back pain, but it does indeed occur, usually in the area where the rib cage connects to the chest area of the spine. Just like other types of back pain, it can range from a little bit annoying […]

Help Stenosis Patients Understand the Lumbar Laminectomy

Spine surgeons regularly treat patients who are dealing with serious cases of spinal stenosis, caused by degenerative changes that cause the facet joints to enlarge. In many cases, the patient suffering from spinal stenosis is elderly and is dealing with pain and having difficulty moving as they once did. Add to that all of the […]