Modeling Mechanics and Anatomy

At Dynamic Disc Designs we try to connect the literature to the patients and their back pain. Stuart McGill’s publications have been a large part of the background work integrated into our modeling. We are honoured to have Stuart McGill endorse our products as we believe his goals are similar to ours; to improve the lives of those who suffer with back pain. Education of the pain triggers and providing the educational tools to understand and manage is a foundational goal at Dynamic Disc Designs.

Explore our variety of models, demonstrating most conditions of the spine. The most popular model is our Professional LxH Model, so you may want to start there first.

Professor Stuart McGill (left), Jerome Fryer (right)

McGill and Fryer - Dynamic Disc Designs
Dynamic disc model


To see the courses that Stuart McGill and his team put on, visit FIX YOUR BACK PAIN for more.