Biofidelic Models for Back Pain Education

Dynamic Disc Models used in Peter Attia’s

The Drive Podcast


Peter Attia MD’s The Drive is a popular podcast where he interviews professionals in their own fields. In a recent interview with world-renowned back pain expert Stuart McGill, Ph.D., they discuss numerous topics, using dynamic disc models to demonstrate an open fissure and lumbar instability. The models were used to explain Peter Attia’s likely low back pain in his 20s using the Professional LxH Model along with the Lumbar instability model to explain his current minor flare-ups.

The podcast discusses Peter’s struggle with severe back pain and delves into the anatomy of the back, focusing on the spine, discs, facet joints, and common pain areas. It explores lower back injuries, distinguishing between acute and chronic pain and the impact of issues like disc damage and microfractures. The majority of back injuries occur around the L4, L5, and S1 joints due to various factors like bending and loading forces. The importance of tailored exercises for individuals based on their needs and body types is emphasized, along with the significance of strength and stability in preventing injuries. The podcast also covers the pathology of bulging discs, the pathophysiology of back pain, and Stuart’s approach to patient assessment and exercise prescription. It addresses the psychological trauma associated with back pain and the role of education in empowering patients. Surgical interventions, including “virtual surgery,” are discussed, along with treatments for weakness, nerve pain, stenosis, and Tarlov cysts. The evolution of patient assessments, the limitations of MRI, and pain relief strategies through training are explored. Lastly, advice for maintaining a healthy spine, especially for young individuals, and resources for those dealing with lower back pain are provided.

Dynamic Disc Designs

At ddd, we create biofidelic anatomical models demonstrating disc dynamics to educate the patients using a realistic and dynamic platform to help explain and modify pain through effective education tools.