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Does Biomechanics Research Hold the Answer to Effective Low Back Pain Treatment

Does Biomechanics Research Hold the Answer to Effective Low Back Pain Treatment?

Studies have shown biomechanics playing a role in LBP or Low Back Pain development. It’s even considered to have links to the persistent and (or) recurrent nature of LBP. However, there’s still debate related to whether biomechanics (on its own) can offer the basis of intervention. A viewpoint-counterpoint debate 1 in the Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy set out to answer some questions.

Why Focus on Biomechanics?

Biomechanics is a term that relates to the mechanics of the human body. This includes the body’s neuromuscular control. Numerous studies about LBP have focused on such an area. With the issue of LBP being bio-psycho-social in nature, some believe that LBP research particularly focusing on Biomechanics may have the answers to effective LBP treatments.

The current commentary has considered whether there’s any potential in the field of biomechanics research for advancements in LBP treatment strategies. With LBP being experienced by millions of people around the globe, finding effective treatments should be a priority.

Addressing Both Sides

The current commentary has used a viewpoint-counter viewpoint format to look at both sides of the biomechanics and LBP related argument. Such a format has allowed it to be different than perspectives that only approach biomechanics.

Delaminated Circumferential

What more did it do?

Along with the viewpoint-counter viewpoint format, this commentary also described models that place a lot of emphasis on biomechanical factors. Furthermore, the reactions to specific viewpoints have been displayed as foundations for future clinical practice and research to better understand the potential of biomechanics in mapping LBP treatment.

What Was Concluded?

The commentary concluded that authors of the ‘counterpoint’ as well as ‘viewpoint positions’ agree about chronic non-specific LBP having bio-psycho-socio components that vary depending on individual experiences. They also agreed that biomechanics plays a role in such development. However, none of the biomechanical models could present a valid argument that it alone should be the focus of Low Back Pain Treatment. There’s a lot of potential in a bio-psycho-socio approach that includes biomechanics.