Pain Education Models
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Pain Education Models for Better Patient Education

There you are, as a clinician, with a patient's eyes glaring at you for a reason. WHY do they hurt? It made me uncomfortable in my early years, but later, I learned that sharing your 'probable' diagnosis is essential. As a chiropractor, we are…
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Communication Language Important in the Trajectory of LBP Care

Goal of the Study? What effect will telling a low back pain patient that they have a disc bulge or degeneration have on them? This study was published in the European Journal of Pain [1.Effect of diagnostic labelling on management intentions…
accurate 3d modelling

Courtroom Education Pivots on Accurate 3d Modelling

Jury Settles on 8 Million Dollar FedEx Crash In a recent court case, Dynamic Disc Models played a critical role in educating the court on the mechanism of the motor vehicle accident and educating the doctors (and jurors) about the injured…
lumbar instability
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Can MRI findings predict lumbar instability?

Goal of the Study? Vertebral slippage (spondylolisthesis) can occur in the ageing spine. In listhesis, one vertebra is either forward or backwards relative to its adjacent vertebral partner in the vertebral column. In this research study [1.Magnetic…
lumbar flexion kinesiophobia
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Lumbar Flexion and Kinesiophobia | Task-Specific Fear Research

Goal of the Study? This study aims to assess whether someone is generally fearful of painful movement or is it related to a specific task. It is common for those with chronic low back pain to experience an avoidance and fear of movement, likely…
non-specific low back pain
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Non-specific Low Back Pain Language Has Hampered Our Low Back Pain Research Push

Goal of the Study? Non-specific low back pain (NSLBP) has been misunderstood by many. In this opinion paper[1.Reconsidering non-specific low back pain: Where to from here?] published in The Spine Journal, the authors tackle an essential topic…
Posture and Disc Herniation
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Posture and Disc Herniation

Goal of the Study? Logically, one would think that an intervertebral disc with internal disruptions would be more likely to experience a disc herniation. Currently, especially in physiotherapy, there is a push to steer away from concepts of…
Prone MRI
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Belly Up vs. Belly Down MRI | What are we missing? Prone MRI vs. Supine MRI in Low Back Pain Patients

Goal of the Study? It is not uncommon to encounter remarkable pain patients with unremarkable MRI findings in clinical settings. Conventional MRI is done lying down, facing up (supine) in a recumbent and off-loading environment. This group…
Disc Height Narrowing
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Natural Disc Height Narrowing Does Not Help with Cervical Spondylolisthesis

Goal of the Study? Disc height narrowing is thought to incur stabilization over time as discs dry out and age. However, in this study[1.Disc Height Narrowing Could Not Stabilize the Mobility at the Level of Cervical Spondylolisthesis: A Retrospective…