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Buy Anatomy Models to Assist in Your Practice

Buy Anatomy Models to Assist in Your Practice

What kind of patient-related challenges do you deal with on a daily basis? For many, it’s the inability to communicate. We’ve heard some medical professionals refer their relationship with their patients as being not unlike their relationship with their spouse. “You don’t listen to me,” says the husband. “But, you don’t listen to ME,” says the wife. There’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding and, unfortunately, this lack of communication means that messages don’t always get through and one party walks away befuddled.

Doctors who don’t communicate with their patients face similar challenges. Patients leave their appointment less than satisfied and are hesitant to return. They depart the office not really knowing what’s happening with their body and why your treatment may (or may not) have helped them.

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis Model

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Patient education plays a huge role in communication, and good patient education means your patient walks away happy and is more likely to return AND to refer others to your practice. One of the keys to good patient education – besides simply the willingness to take the time to explain procedures, treatments, etc. – is good tools. For example, in chiropractic and other professions that deal with spine care, you need to buy anatomy models to assist in making your practice a success.

Why anatomy models?

And which are the best? Spine anatomy models can provide such a clear picture of the workings of the spine. If you buy anatomy models as opposed to just books and posters, your patient will feel as if you took the time to truly communicate with them. A 3-D model engages both the senses of touch and sight (and sometimes hearing) rather than just sight alone. There’s plenty of proof available which states that the more senses involved in learning, the better the understanding, especially for visual learners.

If you wish to buy anatomy models that you’ll have for years to come, consider the movable, realistic 3-D models from Dynamic Disc Designs of Canada. These models are long-lasting and are among the best teaching tools available, according to chiropractors, spine surgeons, osteopaths, massage therapists, physiotherapists, and others who are already using them.
Chiropractor Chris Houtakker explains how Dynamic Disc Design’s most popular Professional LxH model has aided him in connecting with his patients.

“I have been running a chiropractic spinal decompression practice for the past 13 years. The technology of that type of therapy is greatly effective for treating disc pathology only if the patients understand their specific situation and how that relates to the treatment recommended,” he explains. “Since using the LXH model the past month I have seen that ‘light bulb’ moment many times. It quickly and effectively brings the patient to a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening to them and why they are in pain…Brilliant work on the models as things that make my treatment more effective, [and] my day easier and more profitable I’m all for.”

If you’re ready to buy anatomy models for your practice, contact Dynamic Disc Designs to discuss the options that may be right for you and your unique practice. The company offers more than two dozen designs with a variety of options available. Buy one or purchase several in a cost-saving bundle and discover how they can add value to your practice.