uncovertebral hypertrophy

Can you guess the symptoms?

Cervical x-rays can tell the ordering clinician a great deal in identifying the source of a patients symptoms. In this image, can you guess the symptoms in this 67 year old female?

Cliff Tao DC DACBR Owner and Chiropractic Radiologist Orange County, California Area,Medical Practice helps bring important topics to the forefront.

uncovertebral hypertrophy, models

At Dynamic Disc Designs, we use real cadaveric bone specimens for the development of our models. Here is a cervical specimen showing one of the radiological findings above.

cervical spine, model

The uncovertebral joint (also known as Luschka’s joints) are hook-like processes (From Latin uncus ‎(hook)) that are small synovial joints that reside on the lateral aspect of the the cervical vertebra. They are most commonly found from C3-C7 and can become hypertophied leading to potential nerve root encroachment.

Our Professional CxH Model does represent this anatomy in discussions of uncovertebral hypertrophy.