Annular Fissure | MRI findings with a Chronic Low Back Pain Patient


History 43 yr old female, lower back pain with proximal right leg pain, for two years. Onset was due to repetitive torsional lifting over one 8 hour shift when a conveyor belt became dysfunctional. Pain onset was progressive. The patient saw a physiotherapist and was encouraged to induce lumbar flexion even though it was painful. […]

Disc Protrusion Seen Sitting – Upright MRI Reveals

Disc Protrusion, Pain, sitting, back pain, upright MRI

Disc protrusion is defined by an extension of nuclear material extending beyond the confines of the annulus (if the base of the material is larger than the material protruding). In the flexed position, the nucleus pulposus is driven backwards (posteriorly) into the spinal canal. If there are nerves in the area, related pains can extend […]

Comparing supine to upright MRI dynamic imaging – Case study

Dynamic Imaging, Professional LxH Model

Dynamic Imaging Important – Dynamic Spine Models to Match Ongoing Findings Upright MRI dynamic imaging entered the scene in the 2000’s. Since then, controversy of its value has been under fire. Some believe that the .6 Tesla power of the FONAR MRI does not provide images of the same resolution as the conventional 1.5 Tesla […]