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Exploring the Sound of Synovial Joint Distraction: Is it a Gas Bubble or Something Else?

When we experience a "pop" or "snap" sound during the distraction of a synovial joint, most people wonder what exactly causes this audible noise. While there is a prevailing belief that it's a gas bubble that produces sound, a new, yet simple,…
accurate 3d modelling

Courtroom Education Pivots on Accurate 3d Modelling

Jury Settles on 8 Million Dollar FedEx Crash In a recent court case, Dynamic Disc Models played a critical role in educating the court on the mechanism of the motor vehicle accident and educating the doctors (and jurors) about the injured…
McGill and Models

Stuart McGill using Dynamic Disc Models to Share His Knowledge

Stuart McGill on Back Talk Doc podcast. Professor McGill of backfitpro sharing is knowledge using Dynamic Disc Models to teach. TRANSCRIBED FROM VOICE TO TEXT so some errors exist below. Sanjiv Lakhia DO (00:00:05): When I started…
Models are not scary   diurnal variations to spinal discsDynamic Disc Designs Corp.
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Models are only scary if you make them that way – Dynamic Disc Designs

Dr. Jerome Fryer (CEO of Dynamic Disc Designs Corp): "Hello everyone. Dr. Jerome Fryer here of Dynamic Disc Designs. I just want to reach out to those customers that have one of my models. There's been a lot of talk lately on social media…
Cervical Spine Models
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dynamic cervical spine model

Dynamic cervical spine models have been static in the past. Research demonstrates MRI can show problems like disc bulge and disc herniation even though patients do not have symptoms. Interestingly, there has been a shift in clinical thinking…
Synovial Fold Simulation
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Synovial Fold Release and Joint Cracking

Synovial Fold Release and Joint Cracking : a New Hypothesis for the Sound Generator has been created In 2013, much work on simulating the synovial joint was conducted and led to in-vitro testing using ddd models to demonstrate the sound. The…
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audible release model
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Audible Articular Release Model

Audible articular release sounds are very common with spinal manipulation. There are still many people afraid of the sound and prevent them from trying spinal manipulation as a treatment for back or neck pain. To improve the explanation of…
Synovial fold audible release
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Audible Noises and Synovial Joints

The classic "pop" or "snap" or audible noises associated with a synovial joint distraction is a curious sound. There seems to be a generalized consensus that the structure responsible for the noise is a gas bubble. For a review, you can read…