Chiropractic done by hand
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Synovial Fold -Noise- and Suction

Synovial Fold -Noise- and Suction. With recent data collected using MRI on the metacarpophylangeal joint, the current idea around a cracking joint appears to have been seriously challenged. Current belief is that cavitation, a process of bubble…
Audible articular release
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Audible Articular Release Model

Audible articular release sounds are very common with spinal manipulation. There are still many people afraid of the sound and prevent them from trying spinal manipulation as a treatment for back or neck pain. To improve the explanation of…
Synovial Joints, Synovial Fold
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Audible Noises and Synovial Joints

The classic "pop" or "snap" or audible noises associated with a synovial joint distraction is a curious sound. There seems to be a generalized consensus that the structure responsible for the noise is a gas bubble. For a review you can read…