Pain Education Models
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Pain Education Models for Better Patient Education

There you are, as a clinician, with a patient's eyes glaring at you for a reason. WHY do they hurt? It made me uncomfortable in my early years, but later, I learned that sharing your 'probable' diagnosis is essential. As a chiropractor, we are…
lumbar instability
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Can MRI findings predict lumbar instability?

Goal of the Study? Vertebral slippage (spondylolisthesis) can occur in the ageing spine. In listhesis, one vertebra is either forward or backwards relative to its adjacent vertebral partner in the vertebral column. In this research study [1.Magnetic…
Posture and Disc Herniation
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Posture and Disc Herniation

Goal of the Study? Logically, one would think that an intervertebral disc with internal disruptions would be more likely to experience a disc herniation. Currently, especially in physiotherapy, there is a push to steer away from concepts of…
Endplate Damage
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Facet joint injections with and without endplate damage—a prospective cohort study.

Goal of the Study? Lower back pain contributes to a lot of pain and disability on this planet. One of the strategies for dealing with it is using facet joint injections with corticosteroids to reduce the pain. However, facet joint injections…
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Pubertal growth spurt differentiates adults with low back pain from their asymptomatic peers

Goal of the Study? Disc degeneration (DD) is associated with ageing. However, DD is not always associated with lower back pain. This ISSLS Prize-Winning 2022 study[1.Accelerated disc degeneration after pubertal growth spurt differentiates adults…
Human Intervertebal Disc
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Innervation of the Human Intervertebral Disc A Scoping Review

Goal of the Study? In this comprehensive scoping review from the Oxford Journal of Pain Medication [1. Innervation of the Human Intervertebral Disc: A Scoping Review] the authors’ goal was to provide a systematic overview of studies that…