Replicating Spine Behaviours in a Model

disc model

Replicating Spine Behaviours in a Model According to the research presented in the PDF1, lifestyle heavily influences intervertebral disc (IVD) loads. Lifestyle factors such as daily activities, postures, and movements play a significant role in determining the loading experienced by the intervertebral discs. For example, activities like bending, twisting, lifting, and sitting for prolonged periods […]

Inflammatory Back Pain? A look deeper with this research

inflammatory low back pain model

The study explores the correlation between MRI features in paraspinal muscles, inflammatory processes, and back pain in patients with lumbar disc herniation.1   Paraspinal muscles, including psoas, multifidus muscle (MM), and erector spinae muscle, are crucial for the stability and functional movements of the lumbar vertebral column. Recent studies have shown structural changes in paraspinal […]

Spine Education Models | Patient Education MRI Pathology

Image Findings

Do Image Findings for Spine Relate to Low Back Pain? a narrative review It is well known that low back pain IS a pain on the globe1 with certain countries approximating 44% of their population with at least one episode in their lifetime.2 Drilling down on the cause of such back pain has been somewhat […]

Diurnal Variations of Lumbar Discs and the Varying Contributing Factors

diurnal variations

Diurnal Variations of Lumbar Discs and the Varying Contributing Factors Sitting and Sleeping   Discs are always either filling or emptying with water. Intervertebral discs are the large hydraulic structures between vertebrae that separate them in the spine. They undergo significant compression forces while we are upright, walking and sitting, and decompress when lying down. […]

Pain Education Models for Better Patient Education

Pain Education Models

There you are, as a clinician, with a patient’s eyes glaring at you for a reason. WHY do they hurt? It made me uncomfortable in my early years, but later, I learned that sharing your ‘probable’ diagnosis is essential. As a chiropractor, we are trained to nail down the diagnosis. Our teachers drilled and graded […]

Can MRI findings predict lumbar instability?

lumbar instability

Goal of the Study? Vertebral slippage (spondylolisthesis) can occur in the ageing spine. In listhesis, one vertebra is either forward or backwards relative to its adjacent vertebral partner in the vertebral column. In this research study 1, the authors looked at dynamic anterior (forward) slippage of the top vertebra relative to the lower because there […]

Posture and Disc Herniation

Posture and Disc Herniation

Goal of the Study? Logically, one would think that an intervertebral disc with internal disruptions would be more likely to experience a disc herniation. Currently, especially in physiotherapy, there is a push to steer away from concepts of disc damage for the fear of fear avoidance in patients. In this research1, published in the European […]