Annular Fissure | MRI findings with a Chronic Low Back Pain Patient


History 43 yr old female, lower back pain with proximal right leg pain, for two years. Onset was due to repetitive torsional lifting over one 8 hour shift when a conveyor belt became dysfunctional. Pain onset was progressive. The patient saw a physiotherapist and was encouraged to induce lumbar flexion even though it was painful. […]

Annulus Fibrosus Susceptible to Damage During Spinal Growth-Plate Fractures

properties of the annulus, disc model

Researchers examined the effects of endplate fractures  1 on the mechanical properties of the annulus fibrosis (AF) in porcine spinal segments and found that laminate adhesion strength was significantly compromised in the fractured spines. The findings suggest that microdamage may occur beyond the vertebra, into the interlamellar matrix of the AF—information that could be helpful in […]

Exploring the Link Between Lower Back Pain, Disc Degeneration and Intradiscal Pressure

intradiscal pressure, model

A study of in vivo intradiscal pressure in subjects with and without lower back pain (LBP) sought to find out how disc degeneration affects intradiscal pressure, measure the loading capacity of the L4/L5 IVD segment, and determine any relationship between movement in that disc segment and the spinal loading capacity. The researchers found that there […]

The Effects of Inflammatory Mediators in IVD Pain—a Review

inflammatory mediators

A review investigating the role of inflammatory mediators in the degeneration of intervertebral discs (IVD) found that in-vitro disc cells exposed to inflammatory conditions can release cytokines and other neurogenic and angiogenic factors and that these, along with the development of nerve and vessel roots within the fissured annular fibrosis (AF), can contribute to the […]

High Intensity Zone (HIZ) – Posterior Annulus

High Intensity Zone

A high intensity zone should not be overlooked-especially with a symptomatic patient. This is a bright white finding on MRI, most notable on the posterior annulus. In a recent study in The Journal of Medical Investigation, researchers looked at the pathogenesis of low back pain (with and without leg pain) and described it being caused by annular […]

Dynamic Degenerative Disc Model

Degenerated Disc Model - Dynamic Disc Designs

Coming this fall, a Dynamic Degenerative Disc Model with the ability to show innervation of the nucleus pulposus dynamically. Dynamic Disc Designs strives to showcase important research in a dynamic platform so spine doctors can effectively educate their patients. This new design includes many new features including: dynamic two-part disc that is easier to squeeze […]

Discogenic Pain Model – Dynamic Disc Model

Discogenic pain is controversial–or is it? Low back pain is common, really common, and responsible for the second most common reason why people visit their doctors. And yet, it still continues to elude scientists of its specific origin. One convincing theme in low back pain are findings associated with the intervertebral discs. Often it is […]

Mechanical Disc Strain Causes Inflammation

Annulus Fissures

In a recent paper published in Arthritis and Research Therapy, researchers showed how mechanical disc strain causes inflammation and pain. The cost of treating chronic conditions, including osteoarthritis (OA) and low back pain, currently accounts for a sizeable portion of global healthcare budgets. In order to develop more effective treatment plans, lower morbidity, and lessen […]