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non-specific low back pain
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Non-specific Low Back Pain Language Has Hampered Our Low Back Pain Research Push

Goal of the Study? Non-specific low back pain (NSLBP) has been misunderstood by many. In this opinion paper[1.Reconsidering non-specific low back pain: Where to from here?] published in The Spine Journal, the authors tackle an essential topic…
Posture and Disc Herniation
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Posture and Disc Herniation

Goal of the Study? Logically, one would think that an intervertebral disc with internal disruptions would be more likely to experience a disc herniation. Currently, especially in physiotherapy, there is a push to steer away from concepts of…
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Pubertal growth spurt differentiates adults with low back pain from their asymptomatic peers

Goal of the Study? Disc degeneration (DD) is associated with ageing. However, DD is not always associated with lower back pain. This ISSLS Prize-Winning 2022 study[1.Accelerated disc degeneration after pubertal growth spurt differentiates adults…
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Systematic Review of Facet Tropism in the Lumbar Spine

Goal of the Study? Facet tropism (asymmetrical orientation of the apophyseal joints greater than 7 degrees) is common in the lumbar spine. And because facet joints play a crucial role in stabilizing motion segments, alteration in their orientation…
Vacuum PhenomenonDynamic Disc Designs Corp.
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Vacuum Phenomenon – What is it and can it tell us anything about the dynamics of the spine?

Goal of the Study? Intradiscal vacuum phenomenon is a commonly observed radiological finding in the spine but not much is known about its pathophysiology. A recent paper was published in The European Spine Journal[1.Advanced disc degeneration,…
Occupational LBP
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Association between sitting and occupational LBP

Goal of the Study? In this 2007 systematic literature review from the European Spine Journal[1.Association between sitting and occupational LBP] the authors’ goals were twofold:  (1) Review appropriate literature that examines the association…
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Research progress diagnosing methodology for lumbar segmental instability

Goal of the Study? In this systematic review and meta-analysis article from the open-access journal Medicine [1. Research progress of diagnosing methodology for lumbar segmental instability], the authors’ goal was to examine published literature…