Why does my disc problem not go away?

blood-nucleus pulposus barrier

You may have heard of the blood-brain barrier, how about the blood-nucleus pulposus barrier? immune senstive border   Intervertebral Disc Degeneration IVD (Intervertebral Disc) is the biggest avascular structure in the human body. Intervertebral discs consist of 3 parts known as the NP (Nucleus Pulposus), AF (Annulus Fibrosus), and CEP (Cartilaginous endplate (CEP). The nucleus […]

Facet Joint Syndrome – Review and Models

Facet Joint Syndrome

What is Facet Joint Syndrome? recumbency and recovery Facet syndrome is a condition that occurs when the facet joints in the spine become damaged or degenerated. The facet joints are small joints located between the vertebrae in the spine, and they help to support the spine and allow it to move smoothly. When these joints […]

Cell Clustering in Disc Degeneration – Reparative Potential Within

Cell Clustering

Goal of the Study? Learning how back pain develops and potentially advances in degenerative disc disease is critical. Back pain has profound socioeconomic costs worldwide. In this research paper1 a group of researchers looked to learn more about the anatomical details of the disc by looking at cell clusters rather than looking at the disc […]

Posture and Disc Herniation

Posture and Disc Herniation

Goal of the Study? Logically, one would think that an intervertebral disc with internal disruptions would be more likely to experience a disc herniation. Currently, especially in physiotherapy, there is a push to steer away from concepts of disc damage for the fear of fear avoidance in patients. In this research1, published in the European […]

Far lateral lumbar disc herniation | Imaging, neurophysiology and clinical features

far lateral disc herniation

Goal of the Study? In this review article from the open access World Journal of Orthopedics 1 the authors’ goal was to provide a comprehensive review and analysis of the clinical features, radiological imaging aspects and the neurophysiological characteristics of Far Lateral Lumbar Disc Herniation.     Why are they doing this study? Neural foramina […]

Research progress diagnosing methodology for lumbar segmental instability

Goal of the Study? In this systematic review and meta-analysis article from the open-access journal Medicine 1, the authors’ goal was to examine published literature and determine the current state of research into methodologies for diagnosing lumbar segmental instability.   Why are they doing this study? Lumbar Segmental Instability (LSI) is due to a pathologic […]

Effect of overload on changes in mechanical and structural properties of disc biomechanics

disc biomechanics

Goal of the Study? In this primary research study from the Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology Journal1 the authors analyzed structural and mechanical properties in the Intervertebral Disc (IVD) of 10 lumbar spine regions collected post mortem from domestic pigs.  The goal was to analyze the effects of long-term cyclic loading in the hope of […]