The concept of body doubt in the framework of complex pain

bodily doubt

The concept of bodily doubt is introduced to reconceive pain-related behavior. a commentary by a group of well respected authors Chronic pain can lead to disability, depression, loss of social identity, comorbidity, and premature death. Treatments aim to relieve symptoms and prevent disability by helping people self-manage. A patient-centered approach requires clinicians to understand the […]

The Force-Time Characteristics of Manual Spinal Mobilization (SMob) For Precision Low Back Pain Management

Spinal Mobilization SMob

The Force-Time Characteristics of Manual Spinal Mobilization (SMob) For Precision Low Back Pain Management Musculoskeletal disorders, a global challenge impacting lives, demand effective interventions. Many patients head towards healthcare professionals for effective and modern approaches as they intervene. Manual spinal mobilization (SMob) is a key player in their management, offering a different perspective on alleviating […]

Explaining Diagnostic Labels and Perceived Prognosis in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients

Explanatory and Diagnostic Labels

Chronic back pain refers to pain that lingers for 12 weeks or more, even after the initial injury or underlying cause has been addressed. It ranks among the leading causes of medical consultations and work absenteeism. Its severity can vary, from a persistent, dull ache to a sudden, intense, or shooting pain.  This article1 summarizes […]

Central vs. Lateral Hypertrophy in Central Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis: New Insights from a Comparative Study

central spinal stenosis

INTRODUCTION Central Lumbar Spinal Canal Stenosis (CLSCS) is a prevalent spinal disorder causing pain and discomfort, especially in the elderly. Ligamentum flavum hypertrophy is recognized as a significant contributor to this condition. A recent study1 further delves into the variations of hypertrophy in different regions of the ligament and their implications. UNDERSTANDING CENTRAL LUMBAR SPINAL CANAL […]

Understanding Modic Changes and Their Link to Low Back Pain

Modic Model

Modic changes, named after Dr. Modic who first described them in 1988, refer to specific changes observed in the vertebral endplates and adjacent vertebral bodies in the spine, particularly in the lumbar (lower back) region. These changes, characterized by inflammation, degeneration, and alterations in the bone tissue, have been a subject of interest for researchers […]

Unravelling the Mystery of Low-Back Pain

L4-Sacrum Model

Chronic illnesses like osteoarthritis and low-back pain pose a significant burden on healthcare systems worldwide. In an important study conducted by Gawri and colleagues, new insights have emerged regarding the role of mechanical strain and inflammatory responses in low-back pain associated with intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration. Understanding Low-Back Pain and Disc Degeneration Low-back pain is […]