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We take an approach that an evidence-based practitioner would take. Carefully dissecting the history of a patients complaints, weaving the mechanical and psychosocial factors and then deliver a rational and tangible approach to relieving the back pain to the patient. Our news helps keep the practitioner abreast of the latest publications related to musculoskeletal health.

At our headquarters, we dedicate weekly hours to comb through the research for those who treat back pain and neck pain and deliver it.

Patient Education
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Understanding and Managing Low Back Pain: Patient Education and Dynamic Disc Models

Patient Education | Prevalence and Impact Low back pain (LBP) is a widespread condition, with about 80% of people experiencing it at least once in their lifetime.[1.Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain] It ranks as the fifth most common reason…
Disc herniation model

Disc Herniation Model by Dynamic Disc Designs

Disc herniation is one of the prevalent conditions that affects millions of people worldwide. A disc herniation model can be helpful to explain the severe pain that it can cause. Patients may also find it extremely difficult to comprehend the…
Spine Surgeon

Patient Education Materials for Spine Surgeons

Appropriate patient education forms the basis for the success of better outcomes in spine surgery. Understanding patients' diagnoses and surgical strategies is central to making them confident and active in the treatment plan. Dynamic Disc Designs…
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Realistic Spine Models for Effective Patient Education of Low Back Pain

Spinal conditions can cause considerably disabling pain and immobility—from herniated discs and spondylolisthesis to spinal instability and spinal stenosis. Patient education is integral to patient management, and conventional static anatomical…
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Patient Education Materials for Non-specific Low Back Pain and Sciatica

Introduction Being the leading cause of disability worldwide and a common cause of family doctor visits, low back pain (LBP) is a serious health concern. Significant financial expenses are incurred, direct (health care) and indirect (loss of…
Endplate Damage scaled
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Basivertebral Nerve Ablation

Low back pain (LBP) is a condition that is common across state lines, affecting millions of people. It is one of the most expensive occupational disorders and the leading cause of disability in the US. Some people have their back pain alleviated…
Lumbar Disc
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Effect of Upright Position on Lumbar Disc Using MRI

The human spine is wonderfully designed to be flexible yet stable. The lumbar spine, which is the lower back region, plays a crucial role in supporting the upper body, enabling it to move within a certain range. Lumbar Intervertebral discs are…
YouTube Patient Education

YouTube Patient Education in Low Back Pain

Low Back pain is shared among all groups of people across the world, and with an aging population, the LBP problem is predicted to grow worse shortly. Most people with this condition turn to the internet to seek answers to their health problems.…
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