Does Forward Bending and Return Differ in Chronic LBP & Non-LBP People?

A very recent study [1. Dynamic interactions between lumbar intervertebral motion segments during forward bending and return] published in the ‘Journal of Biomechanics’ analyzed the dynamic interactions present between the human lumbar intervertebral…
cartilage damage and osteoarthritis

Using Mechanical Joint Loading Model to Investigate Knee Pathology and Nociceptive Behavior in OA

A very recent study [1. Osteoarthritis-related nociceptive behaviour following mechanical joint loading correlates with cartilage damage] in the journal ‘Osteoarthritis and Cartilage’ has offered some helpful results. It focused on OA-induced…
facet, lumbar spinal stenosis model
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Spinal Motion-Preserving Implants May Be Ineffective in Patients over 45 years

A retrospective CT scan and medical record review [ 1. The Prevalence of Asymptomatic Cervical and Lumbar Facet Arthropathy: A Computed Tomography Study] of 50 patients with no history of spinal pathology used a four-point scale to grade the…
arthritic changes, lumbar models, cervical models
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Arthritic Changes Related to Age and Sex – Histology and Modeling

Arthritic changes are very common. They are often related to a person's pain with neck pain as one of the highest ranked common causes of disability. In this specific research article [1. Histological Osteoarthritic Changes in the Human Cervical…
vertebral osteoarthritis
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Study of Primate and Human Skeletons Demonstrates Low Rate of Spinal Disease in Apes

An investigation of degenerative joint disease (DJD) studied data from chimpanzees, lowland gorillas, bonobos, and human samples to ascertain the relative rate of osteoarthritis and peripheral joint osteoarthritis in each species and found that…