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Subchondral Bone and Osteoarthritis – Reviewing the Microenvironment of Synovial Joints

Subchondral bone Osteoarthritis Tidemark

Goal of the Study? Pain from osteoarthritis is widespread. However, it is also common for osteoarthritis not to cause pain. So what gives? One anatomical microenvironment that appears to play a critical role is the subchondral zone of joints. This is the bone-cartilage interface that resides under (sub) the cartilage (chondral). Herein lies a vibrant […]

Pathophysiology of musculoskeletal pain: a narrative review


Goal of the Study? In this paper, [Pathophysiology of musculoskeletal pain: a narrative review], the authors provide a review of the various pathophysiology mechanisms of musculoskeletal pain and how they interact to promote the transition from acute to chronic pain.    Why are they doing this review? Chronic musculoskeletal pain is defined as pain felt […]

Sensory mapping of lumbar facet joint pain: a feasibility study

facet osteoarthritis, facet joint pain

Goal of the Study? The objective of this study 1 evaluates the feasibility of sensory mapping of lumbar facet joint pain in patients scheduled to undergo radiofrequency (RF) denervation.    Why are they doing this study? Lower back pain (LBP) is a widespread condition that can result in chronic pain.  While there are many treatment […]