Patient engagement is at the core of a patient-centered approach to spine care. Spine professionals engage with their patients with different tools. We all use language but to enhance it, very often a physical model can support the words chosen to educate.

In the past, models have been static, so it made it very difficult to connect patient’s back and neck pain to the specific movements that cause the pain. At Dynamic Disc Designs, we have developed models to help the practitioner engage in a mechanical way through a better rendering of a motion segment. We have created a dynamic disc with the ability of the models to bulge or herniate. We have integrated a dynamic nucleus pulposus and a stiffer annulus fibrosus as well as added features of the ligamentum flavum to show how the facets are inter-related to one another.

Explore how a dynamic model can enhance the language one uses in a clinical setting of a musculoskeletal practice.

Contextual Factors in LBP
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Communication Language Important in the Trajectory of LBP Care

Goal of the Study? What effect will telling a low back pain patient that they have a disc bulge or degeneration have on them? This study was published in the European Journal of Pain [1.Effect of diagnostic labelling on management intentions…
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What does it mean when a patient reports discomfort, pain and stiffness? Chiropractic Patient Survey

Goal of the Study? Every day, patients present to clinics worldwide and report pain, discomfort, and stiffness to their providers. These people also can be labelled as 'chronic pain patients'. An interesting paper was published in BMC Musculoskeletal…
Degenerative CervicalDynamic Disc Designs Corp.
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Grip Strength as a Screening Index for Severe Degenerative Cervical Spine

Goal of the Study? In this cross-sectional study from the International Journal of General Medicine[1.Grip Strength as a Screening Index for Severe Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy in Primary Care: Development of Cutoff Values Using Receiver…
pressure pain threshold
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Evaluation is Treatment for Low Back Pain

Goal of the study? In this study,[1. Evaluation is Treatment for Low Back Pain] the purpose is to investigate if the physical therapy (PT) evaluation process of history taking and physical exam results in a meaningful change for patients…
facet osteoarthritis, facet joint pain
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Sensory mapping of lumbar facet joint pain: a feasibility study

Goal of the Study? The objective of this study [1. Sensory mapping of lumbar facet joint pain: a feasibility study] evaluates the feasibility of sensory mapping of lumbar facet joint pain in patients scheduled to undergo radiofrequency (RF)…