Podcast with Jerome Fryer, founder of Dynamic Disc Designs

In a recent podcast hosted by Shireesh Bhalerao of Tulip Seminars, Jerome Fryer reveals the backstory behind the origins of Dynamic Disc Designs among many other topics. Spotify click here to listen Apple click here to listen Topics…
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Importance of Understanding Placebo and Nocebo effects in Healthy Vs. Patients with Chronic Pain

A very recent systematic review [1. Neurotransmitter systems involved in placebo and nocebo effects in healthy participants and patients with chronic pain: a systematic review], in the Journal of Pain, went over the neurotransmitter systems…
Stuart McGill, ddd spinal models
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Stuart McGill Uses ddd Spinal Models to Demonstrate the Cumulative Nature of Delamination and Disc Bulges

In an online interview with Bill Morgan, President of Parker University, world-renowned spine researcher and scientist, Stuart McGill, uses dynamic disc models from Dynamic Disc Designs to explain lumbar disc herniations, extrusions, and the…
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Changing spine pain – McGill and Cambridge explain using dynamic disc models

Ed Cambridge: “Our colleague Jerome Fryer created some models for us, and this is some of the work that has come out of our lab with you and Christian Balkovec about the dynamic changes we see after herniation. Where we have disc height…
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Cervical Disc Anatomy Model Helps Learn About Injuries

Cervical Disc Anatomy Model Helps One Learn About Neck Injuries If you’ve ever been a student of anatomy, there’s a huge chance that you spent many a night staring blankly at the pages of your text book and the photographs and drawings…
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A Selection of Human Spine Models Make Patient Education Easier

A Selection of Human Spine Models Make Patient Education Easier Most individuals don’t really enjoy going to their doctor, no matter what the reason, be it a routine checkup or for a problem that they’re worried might be serious. Some people…
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Where Can I Buy Anatomy Models – Spine Anatomy

Where Can I Buy Anatomy Models? If you’re fresh out of school and setting up your practice for the first time, you’re no doubt feeling both excited and overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to get ready before that first patient…
Lumbar disc herniation model

Lumbar Disc Herniation Model – Dynamic Disc Designs Corp.

Lumbar Disc Herniation Model The spine is a complex portion of the body, with its 33 bones stacked on top of one another and all those ligaments and muscles connecting those bones together. It’s also one of the most important parts of the…
Stenosis Model - Dynamic Disc Designs

Spinal Decompression Practice Aided by Spine Models

Decompression. These days, most people think that’s a word that refers to stress relief; i.e. “Let’s go out for a walk and decompress.” or “I sure need to decompress after such a long day at the office.” Chiropractors know, however,…