Cervical models of the lower spine, which show herniation under compression and other detailed biological features. Our models are designed by chiropractors to show a range of clinical conditions that affect the cervical spine. Choose between our professional model, degenerative herniating model, spinal stenosis model and more. Show how the back is affected by movement to help explain conditions to your patients.

Cervical models by Dynamic Disc Designs brings a whole new level of spine education to the world.  With carefully crafted anatomical cervical spine models, chiropractors, physiotherapists, spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, medical schools, and teaching spine hospitals and universities have now been reaching higher levels of teaching through ddd’s unique dynamic disc designs. Anatomical features include : two part disc, herniated disc, disc bulge, annular tear, nerve root encroachment, identical sized vertebrae to scale, nuclear migration and much more.  Explore the most realistic dynamic disc anatomical spine models on the market today.


“This model with the bulging nucleus is exactly what we see in real discs – its brilliant. It is a perfect teaching tool to illustrate the difference between flexion motion and flexion moment/torque and the disc bulge as an injury mechanism.”

Stuart M. McGill, Ph.D.
Professor of Spine Biomechanics

“The use of your models have enhanced both our level of teaching and also the experience of learning for our students. The dynamic abilities of your lumbar disc model has made patient education a breeze with a higher level of patient compliance with their home exercise programs because of their greater level of understanding. Simply the best anatomical teaching aids on the market today!”

R. Wesley Swen, DPT Clinical Instructor, Physical Therapy

“As a chiropractor in a hospital setting we see a high number of complex spinal conditions. Up until we purchased the models from Dynamic Disc Designs it was almost impossible to give an accurate demonstration of spinal biomechanics and the effects on the discs, joints and ligamentous structures. DDD has single handedly changed the way I practice. Patients just get it. The spinal models from DDD should be in every doctor’s office and on the shelves at every medical, chiropractic and physical therapy school.”

Lee Zohn DC

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