Child Back Pain Scary for Parents

Child Back Pain Scary for Parents

If you’re a parent, you know what it’s like when your child is sick or hurting. You’d do anything in your power to change places with them and you’ll go to the ends of the earth to make them feel better. Things get especially scary when it’s difficult to diagnosis their problem.

Child back pain is especially frightening. Spine pain isn’t something we expect to deal with in children. It’s logical for adults to suffer such pain caused by heavy lifting, disc degeneration, arthritis, osteoporosis, and all sorts of other related ailments, but when a child is suffering with severe back pain, parents are unsure of how to proceed.

There are a number of reasons for child back pain and some will be obvious. Sports injuries are often the culprit and, often, it’s extreme sports that are to blame. Chiropractors and other spine specialists often treat kids who have fallen off skateboards when attempting super-dangerous tricks or who participate in moto-cross or other similar bike sports. Gymnasts, because of the way they hyperextend their backs, are generally candidates for conditions such as Spondylolysis or even stress fractures, which often take a while to heal.

Still, there are more ominous reasons for back pain such as serious infections, which demand prompt diagnosis and treatment, and – much less likely – tumors of the spine. Thankfully, these are rare in children.

Nonetheless, any parent whose child is suffering from persistent back pain while want answers and will want them as quickly as possible. And, of course, the child will be seeking relief as well, though they may not be as anxious about it as the parents, who are no doubt expecting the worst, simply because it’s human nature to do so.

So, after you complete a thorough exam and take a medical history, order imaging tests or whatever else you deem necessary, it’s time to explain the problem to the family and, if necessary, to the young person who’s suffering.

Back pain can be difficult to explain, simply because the spine is so complex. But if you have the proper tools, the job becomes easier. The best educational tool for the explanation of child back pain is Dynamic Disc Designs’ Pediatric Spine Model, which is the identical size and shape of a 6-year-old spine (L4-5). You can use this model alone or along with other ddd lumbar models to carefully explain the child’s condition and how it will be fixed.

Furthermore, the LxPed model was designed with careful attention to the literature demonstrating how degeneration starts as early as the first half of the second decade of life, a fact which many may find surprising.

Any spine specialists who treats children should have this Dynamic Disc Designs model in their arsenal of educational materials. It can be purchased by itself or you can combine it with other ddd models so that you have a full cadre of models on hand to help patients understand the complicated workings of the spine.

Patients want to know what is causing their pain and these models provide them with the answer. They get it immediately and after explaining their treatment/solution they are ready to start care.”
– Dr. Ramon Gonzalez, DC

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