Bulging Disc Model

Chiropractic Patient Education Tools a Wise Investment

Setting up a chiropractic practice is exciting, confusing, exhilarating, and overwhelming.

There are so many emotions involved in getting started and so many decisions to make. You’ll need to set up a business plan and make choices as to where to practice and whether or not to go solo.

Cervical modelYou’ll probably seek guidance from those you trust and no doubt look to other, more experienced chiropractors who’ve “been there, done that”.

There will be lots of expenses. Office rent or purchase, staff salaries, and – of course – equipment. Your eagerness to succeed will prompt you to want to offer all the best for your potential patients and, at times, your budget may feel a bit constrained.

However, as you decide where to spend your money, remember that attracting patients and keeping them depends a lot of how you educate them about the positives of chiropractic, which should involve the purchase of high-quality chiropractic patient education tools for your use in this task.

Invest In Chiropractic Patient Education Tools

Chiropractic patient education tools are always a wise investment as they allow patients to view their problems rather than just hear about them. Choosing the right tools is essential. Posters are okay and many chiropractors use them. Static models have been around for a while but don’t truly illustrate issues such as herniated discs, ligament injuries, and more.

A wiser investment are the 3D models that truly demonstrate the reason for the patient’s pain and allow them to view what’s happening inside their body and better understand how their problems can be fixed. Dynamic Disc Designs offers a wide variety of such models, available in a plethora of price ranges.

Such tools may – at first – seem like extraneous investments, especially if you’re just starting out, but those who’ve purchased them and have owned them for some time note that they are of great value in explaining the advantages of chiropractic medicine to their patients.

Furthermore, patients that truly understand the particulars of spinal health are those most likely to return, so these 3D models will no doubt help to build a beginning chiropractor’s all-important patient base.

Dynamic Disc Design’s models were devised and crafted by an experienced chiropractor, so you can be sure that what you receive when you order from ddd comes from years of study into what’s important in regards to chiropractic patient education tools.

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Dynamic cervical spinal stenosis model demonstrating a centrally protruding nucleus pulposus

Posters are merely an artist’s rendering of the spine. On the other hand, Dr. Jerome Fryer’s dynamic models are rooted in strong research and are extremely detailed.

Students of chiropractic as well as future spine surgeons, osteopaths, and physiotherapists also benefit from using the models long before they make plans to open their own practice.

These chiropractic patient education tools are ideal for the classroom and have long been used by teachers who want their students to not only SEE the spine but hold it in their hand and feel its various parts.

Remember, a patient who is left in the proverbial dark about their pain is less likely to return to your practice. However, one who understands their body and feels they can truly play a role in their own healing will return again and again. ddd models can prompt that trust and get your practice off to a running start.