Research Based

Dynamic Disc Designs Corp is a Canadian company founded in 2006 by Jerome Fryer BSc DC. With his keen interest in staying abreast of the literature, he noticed how outdated the current modeling state was and how unhelpful they were in the caring for spine patients. He quickly realized how ineffective a static model was when trying to communicate dynamic pain generators and respective solutions to patients. Something needed to be changed. Spine models needed an update.


Using real cadaveric specimens as the foundation of our work, innovation continues to be in the careful crafting of dynamic soft tissues of spine. Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. (ddd) uses only the highest quality materials to generate models that are not only beautiful but durable and interactive, making spine education fun. Small batch manufacturing allows for improvements of model design as new spine research is unveiled.

Made in Canada and USA

All models are meticulously finished and handcrafted in Canada. Individual components of models are imported from USA. Only the best elemental components are used in the production of Dynamic Disc Designs models. They are designed to withstand repetitive clinical use.

Customer Focussed

Dr. Jerome Fryer knows what it is like to be in clinic. He understands that time is often the rate limiting step so he continues to take the position on developing ways to make life easier for spine professionals when it comes to explaining pain generators and associated therapeutic solutions to spine patients. His unique position allows for proper development of products for his colleagues.

Note from the president of Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. Jerome Fryer:

Our mission is simple: to help in the modeling of spinal tissues so we can all understand the mechanisms related to degeneration and its relationship to pain and function. This in turn, will stimulate innovation in prevention and regeneration treatment strategies. But first, we needed an updated and dynamic model that included a nucleus and annulus.

Jerome Fryer BSc DC President , Chief Innovation Officer

Dynamic Disc Designs Corp.