Central herniation under load

Dynamic Cervical Spine

Many clinical symptoms are a result of a dynamic cervical spine.

In a recent article titled :

Dynamic Changes of the Ligamentum Flavum in the Cervical Spine Assessed with Kinetic Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Authors looked at quantifying ligamentum flavum thickening with dynamic motion using kinetic MRI. They found the ligamentum flavum increases thickness with extension which can be an important clinical symptom with patient  history positioning in the evaluation of  a diagnosis.

Many spinal complaints are a result of certain cervical spinal movements. Patients explain pain can be greater in extension like that of overhead activities. Very often this can be teased out in the history taking and often able to be reproduced during the physical exam. Once these findings are supported, education is important in assisting a patient to minimize aggravation of symptoms through accurate spinal modeling. When patients see they believe! Patient compliance is often the weak link in obtaining better outcomes.

Dynamic Disc Designs is committed to providing  physicians with accurate spine modeling. Our dedication to patient spine education in a dynamic and realistic way empowers the doctor to harness the best possible outcomes. Visit our roster of cervical models to help educate patients in describing directional preference.

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