Endplate Junction Disruption may be more common in disc herniation

endplate junction disruption

Endplate junction disruption may be more common than annulus fibrosus disruption, according to an ISSLS prize winning study.

These authors took the time to look at over 180 subjects to evaluate whether it is more common to see failure of the endplate or annulus in disc herniation. This won them an award. Congratulations!  The study titled: The Anatomy of Failure in Lumbar Disc Herniation looked at how 65% of disc herniation was found at the endplate disruption causing the nucleus to exit through the vertebral endplate rather than frank disruption of the fibres of the annulus fibrosus. This is an important study and may lead to better treatments for subpopulations of disc herniation. In the spirit of this research, Dr. Jerome Fryer simulated this endplate disruption to help in the understanding of disc herniation.

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  1. beto
    beto says:

    so you mean the disc itself could be fine but the endplates is the one raptured , so is it possible for the body to heal and raptured endplate? and if so therefore you should be ok for the res of your life.

    • Jerome Fryer
      Jerome Fryer says:

      Yes, it is quite common for the annulus and nucleus of the disc to be fine with an endplate fracture. The endplate heals to a certain extent but a better word is remodeled. As long as the disc height is maintained, these injuries often do well with time.


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