endplate junction disruption

Endplate Junction Disruption may be more common in disc herniation

Endplate Junction Disruption

Endplate junction disruption may be more common than annulus fibrosus disruption, according to an ISSLS prize winning study

where does the failure occur in disc herniation?

These authors looked at over 180 subjects to evaluate whether it is more common to see the failure of the endplate or annulus in disc herniation. This won them an award. Congratulations!  The study titled: The Anatomy of Failure in Lumbar Disc Herniation looked at how 65% of disc herniations was found at the endplate disruption causing the nucleus to exit through the vertebral endplate rather than frank disruption of the fibres of the annulus fibrosis.

In vivo, the anatomical site of failure in lumbar disc herniation(LDH) has not been clearly documented. The general consensus implicates annulus fibrosus (AF) rupture in the genesis of LDH, but the role of endplate (EP) and EP junction (EPJ) remains unknown. Though many studies have found cartilaginous endplates within herniated material, none have investigated EPJ failure as a direct cause of LDH in humans.

This important study may lead to better treatments for subpopulations of disc herniation.

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