Stand for models, Spine Neck Pain

Explaining Annoying Spine Neck Pain

Spine neck pain can be one of the most annoying types of pain a person will experience in their lifetime…and the pain is especially frustrating when it lingers, keeping the sufferer from doing everyday tasks and from enjoying the activities they love most. Just like back pain, neck pain can be very debilitating and is often the reason a patient seeks help from a chiropractor.

Someone with spine neck pain finds it quite difficult to do anything comfortably, and sleep is especially difficult to come by when you’re literally suffering from a pain in the neck. The result is a tired, irritated, pain-ridden individual who just wants to feel better.

Neck pain will need to be assessed, of course, to rule out any serious medical problems that will require immediate attention. Once those are ruled out, you’ll likely find that most acute spine neck pain is due to muscle or other soft tissue sprains. This can occur due to an accident or injury (such as whiplash) or might be caused by something as simple as sleeping the wrong way with your neck twisted in an awkward position or perhaps carrying something heavy.

For these minor spine neck pain problems, chiropractic manipulation is often a good solution and can result in an almost immediate reduction of pain. Many sufferers will see the pain go away altogether in just a few days to a week. There are some problems that may speak to an anatomical abnormality, of course, so those will need to be assessed further.

Once a diagnosis is made, the patient will need to be informed as to the problem AND the solution. Most patients don’t want to be kept in the proverbial dark about what’s ailing them but would, instead, prefer to be as educated as possible as to the reason they are suffering from spine neck pain. To accomplish this task, the chiropractor will need to demonstrate what’s gone wrong and how it will be fixed. He/she might also want to demonstrate some neck exercises the patient can do at home.

Custom Pro Package Deluxe

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Using a spine model manufactured by Dynamic Disc Designs is the best way to educate patients about cervical/neck problems and disorders. The company’s Professional CxH cervical model includes a two-part intervertebral disc with six degrees of natural motion with a red post-lateral nuclear migration upon manual compression, posterior longitudinal ligament (PLL), anterior longitudinal ligament (ALL) and periosteal fascia (POL) (adjacent to the uncovertebral joint). Designer Dr. Jerome Fryer notes that this model is especially helpful in doctor-patient discussions of pain related to the uncovertebral joint, IVF narrowing, and dynamic disc changes related to the facets.

In simple words, it really helps the patient understand their neck pain and identify the reasons for it. It also aids them in understanding how to avoid a recurrence of this pain in the future and why treatment is so important. An educated patient is one that is more likely to return to your practice for other spine-related issues and is apt to refer you to their friends and family members as well.

I have been using the lumbar and cervical spine models for over 15 years and still use them almost daily. My aha moment-producing favorite is the disc model. Fun and amazing. Thank you for providing an excellent line of products.”
– Aron Enns, DC