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A Flexible Spine Model is the Best Teacher

Our spines aren’t stiff as a board, but that’s the way they look when you’re viewing the workings of the spine via a poster or other 2-D photo.

So when it comes to educating future chiropractors, surgeons, and even potential patients, it pays to have on hand a flexible spine model that is so much more realistic than what most of us will see in an artist’s rendering or courtesy of an outdated static model that doesn’t move and is inaccurate.

Dynamic Disc Design has a huge selection of spine models from which to choose and ALL of them are flexible. Designed by a chiropractor for chiropractors and other medical professionals as well as for patients, the designs sold by ddd are among the most realistic on the market, longtime users profess.

Flexible Spine Model with Biofidelic Range of Motion

What stands out in ddd’s spine models is that they are made with an elastic 2-part disc, allowing for six degrees of natural freedom, and a carefully constructed realistic nucleus pulposus with a circling annulus fibrosus that flexes under load. No other model on the market has both an annulus and nucleus with realistic properties, which demonstrates biofidelic (real movement) in all ranges of motion.

One of the company’s best-selling models is one that’s been lauded by chiropractors and spine surgeons worldwide. The Academic LxH anatomical spine model includes the features noted above as well as a bulging annulus and protruding nucleus, showing injuries related to the intervertebral disc and facet joints.

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Also included is a detailed cauda equina, which includes sensory and motor divisions, dorsal root ganglion, recurrent meningeal, gray rami communicantes, posterior primary division, dura mater, arachnoid sheath, rootlets, and a properly-placed nerve root to accurately demonstrate the most commonly-affected nerve with a post-lateral herniated intervertebral disc mode.

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The Academic LxH, and other flexible spine model products.

To a medical professional, especially one just learning his or her craft, these realistic features are key to a superior education. Indeed, the flexible spine models offered by Dynamic Disc Designs literally put the spine in the hands of those learning to care for the injured, allowing for a detailed look that pictures simply don’t provide.

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But what about the patient? No doubt if you start speaking to them about a nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus they’ll be more than a bit confused. However, if you actually demonstrate the movements of the spine and subsequent spine issues that may result via models such as the Academic LxH and others such as the Audible Release “Oracle” model, patients will better understand what’s going on and how chiropractic (or surgery) can help them.

Patients will appreciate the clear explanation and will leave your office confident in your skills as a doctor/chiropractor. Chances are you’ve gained a long-term patient, one who will return whenever problems arise.

As technology continues to grow, many doctors and chiropractors greet these handheld flexible spine models with a sigh of relief. Not everything can be taught via digital photos and fancy videos.

Those who’ve already used them agree that there’s nothing quite like holding a greatly-detailed model in your hands and being able to twist and turn it into different positions. The clarity of understanding that results is astounding, many professionals note, adding that there’s none better on the market.

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