Low rate loading of intervertebral disc disease

low rate loading of intervertebral disc

Low rate loading of intervertebral disc disease (IVD) demonstrated enhanced net transport into the intervertebral disc In Vivo in a recent study published in The Spine Journal.

These authors looked low rate loading (0.5hz )  of rabbit subjects and measured the uptake of gadodiamide. What they found was low rate loading improved lumbar disc clearance from the nucleus when compared to the unloaded subjects’ discs.

Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. applauds the authors on this publication. Mechano factors in understanding the regenerative potential of degenerated discs is an important field to continue to research. Understanding the basic anatomical science of biorheology in and around the intervertebral discs will lead to better manual treatment strategies in the future.

These authors provided an important puzzle piece in revealing the frequencies discs best respond to. Mimicking the natural biomechanical forces that discs experience in the human body like blood pressure (which is 1.33Hz at 80 beats per minute) and breathing (which is 0.25Hz at 18 breaths per minute) should provide ongoing clues as to the optimal bio-frequencies that will provide the most promise in regeneration.

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