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Mechanical Disc Strain Causes Inflammation

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In a recent paper published in Arthritis and Research Therapy, researchers showed how mechanical disc strain causes inflammation.

Mechanical factors have always been a suspected cause of spinal problems. These factors include moving the spine in a direction with either too much force and in combination with the wrong direction. Intervertebral discs are designed to withstand significant load but they do have limits. Whether someone lifts too much with the wrong posture, or if someone over-challenges their discs repetitively, Dynamic Disc Design models can help deliver this important clinicial education message.

In the research paper titled, High mechanical strain of primary intervertebral disc cells promotes secretion of inflammatory factors associated with disc degeneration and pain, these researchers showed that the cells within the disc respond in an inflammatory way by secreting factors that promote degeneration and low back pain. They also concluded that disc cellular strain produce elements that likely facilitates neoinnervation and respectively, discogenic pain.

Spine Models to Help Improve Outcomes

Spine Models to Help Improve Outcomes

Dynamic Disc Designs spine education models help explain mechanical factors to patients in a platform to improve clinical outcomes through teaching avoidance behaviors that contribute to ongoing intradiscal inflammation. Our Professional LxH Model features a dynamically bulging disc as well as neoinnervation to radial tears. Our Circumferential Delamination Model explains intradiscal pain. Explore how ddd can make a difference.

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