Modic Changes Associated LBP

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Modic changes were first written about in 1988 ( just 8 years after the first clinical MRI image was performed) by Dr. Modic in a paper titled “Imaging of Degenerative Disk Desease” laying out his observations.

He classified differences in MRI T1 and T2 weighted imaging of degenerative discs into three categories: type 1, 2 and 3.  His foundational work paved the way for other researchers to begin to investigate what he was seeing and importantly, to try and find a correlation to LBP.

In 2007, authors saw a correlation between these changes and LBP.  They also saw how disc herniation is a predictor of these classified modic changes.  Interestingly, they reported how disc herniation sets the stage to develop the earliest of modic changes; in particular Type 1 , which is thought to be a more painful type.  For many years type 2 modic changes were thought to be the symptomatic type but more recent reviews believe that it is type 1 that is more correlative to acute back pain.

Basivertebral Nerve Lumbar Model

Dynamic Disc Designs has developed Basivertebral Model, with the advice from Dr. Modic, to help expose this commonly found pain generator.

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