Dynamic Disc Designs

News from Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. looks at topics that are important in the improvement of outcomes for spine.

More than 6000 research articles are published daily and it is impossible to read them all as a practitioners, to stay abreast of what is relevant to practice.

Dynamic Disc Designs often highlights important research that focuses around the dynamics of the intervertebral disc and its relationship to pain and spine outcomes.

Mechanobiology and the related hydraulics in the theme of regeneration is a therapeutic focus of the people behind the scenes at Dynamic Disc Designs. Degenerative disc disease is very common in the reduction of disc height. Jerome Fryer BSc DC believes in the search for optimal strategies to regenerate intervertebral discs.

Therapeutic strategies to reduce disc height loss will remain a research focus in years to come. Dynamic Disc Designs continues to work on providing accurate anatomical models to improve outcomes.

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