Patient engagement is at the core of a patient-centered approach to spine care. Spine professionals engage with their patients with different tools. We all use language but to enhance it, very often a physical model can support the words chosen to educate.

In the past, models have been static, so it made it very difficult to connect patient’s back and neck pain to the specific movements that cause the pain. At Dynamic Disc Designs, we have developed models to help the practitioner engage in a mechanical way through a better rendering of a motion segment. We have created a dynamic disc with the ability of the models to bulge or herniate. We have integrated a dynamic nucleus pulposus and a stiffer annulus fibrosus as well as added features of the ligamentum flavum to show how the facets are inter-related to one another.

Explore how a dynamic model can enhance the language one uses in a clinical setting of a musculoskeletal practice.

Larger Vertebra Model

Enlarged Vertebra Model – using #patientengagement tools

Over the years many people have asked Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. whether we could build a model 2 or 3 times the size for easier viewing. As we understand the need for some to see a larger than realistic model, our company is focused on delivering realistic sized models. Our models are geometrically identical to life size and because we adhere to our strict anatomical core values, there is a simple solution for those customers looking for a larger than life model. It is called a magnifying glass.

The intent is not to be cheeky but practical. There are many links where you can find magnifying glasses. We recommend the 90mm 10x.

Larger Vertebra Model

Having the patient hold the magnifying glass while you point to the posterior annulus and the dynamic nucleus, for example, can be a very effective way to incorporate and educate patients about internal pain generators when looking through our clear bone models. Those with deficiencies in seeing or those that want to have a closer look at the anatomical details of the spine can do it by looking through a magnified lens.

Magnified Clear Bone

So before you consider buying a larger than realistic model from somewhere else, consider a realistic size model by Dynamic Disc Designs Corp. and on the side, find yourself a nice magnifying glass to engage your patients in patient education.