Spine Education

Patient engagement is the way you connect with patients. It often involves a balance of education, confidence and compassion. Inevitably, if you do not connect you will have a very difficult time with your patient’s compliance. One of the most important clinical skills to have as a spine professional is to effectively communicate your clinical findings in a timely manner. Below are a series of videos to use as a general template to explain clinical findings for spine using Dynamic Disc Designs models. Every practitioner will have their ‘own spin’, depending on the approach. I hope these are helpful. JF

Playlist for the patient with back and/or neck pain. Here, Dr. Jerome Fryer uses Prof. Stuart McGill’s book, Back Mechanic – Self Assessment Chapter, to talk about pain triggers to the patient. This is an example of how patient engagement for spine education could look. He encourages to find your own style. Visit EducationSpine.com for more tips on how to communicate to patients regarding back pain.