Endplate, intervertebral disc

Poromechanics of the Disc

Poromechanics of the Disc is an important topic regarding manual spinal treatment and prescribing exercise.

Manual treatments performed by chiropractors deliver forces that influence the disc. Even though spinal manipulation is thought to be a considered conservative method in the treatment of disc herniation, a more recent investigation by way of pressure transducers with manipulation shows an alternative view.

There are many styles of manual treatment of the spine. The most classic is the side posture manipulation that renders a rotational force to the disc to gap the facet joint. The action of this can be seen in our spinal manipulation model. This has a primary effect on the facet but must also impact the disc itself.

Other manual treatment strategies for the spine include flexion/distraction and decompression. These treatment strategies work on the poromechanics of the disc. This type of treatment looks to improve the hydraulics of the disc by creating low pressures within the disc to help improve disc height. In a recent publication in Arthritis and Cartilage, the authors looked at the poromechanics of the disc and graphically represented the flow through the endplate.

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