Spine models

Our custom creations for spine models are for spine professionals. Our handcrafted models can be customized for your specific application. Inquire within to determine whether a dynamic disc design can better the communication of intent. We only use the highest quality materials and we guarantee our work.

Since 2006, we have been hard at work, listening to our customers and adapting to their specific needs. Surgeons have requested spine models that include granulation tissue while chiropractors have requested models that ‘crack’. Over the last several years, Dr. Jerome Fryer has travelled to many tradeshows to share his creations with professionals around the world. And we don’t stop! Watching the literature reveal important clues to therapeutic solutions is at the hub of Dynamic Disc Designs ongoing innovation.

  • fully clear enhanced herniated disc model

    Fully Clear Enhanced Herniated Disc Model

  • A lumbar spine model that naturally bulges under compression - to help with fear-avoidance behaviour in patients

    Naturally Bulging Lumbar Spine Model


    This handcrafted model demonstrates natural bulging under load to help teach patients the importance of good posture and how motion is good for the spine.

  • Thoracic epidural placement model

    Thoracic Epidural Placement Spine Model

  • fully clear herniated disc model by dynamic disc models

    Fully Clear Herniated Dynamic Disc Model

  • A Lumbar epidural training model with the ligamentum flavum (diametre 4mm) and associated interspinous ligament

    Lumbar Epidural Trainer

  • wood stand base

    Square Wood Stand


    A beautiful way to showcase your Dynamic Disc Model. (Name plating optional). DC, MD, PT, DO's welcome.

  • Transparent multi-level spine model - Medial branch lumbar model

    Multilevel Custom Spine Model with Medial Branch

  • EpiClear Lumbar trainer

    Lumbar Epidural Trainer (Epiclear)

  • hypermobility cervical model

    Hypermobilty Cervical Spine Model

  • upper cervical model

    Upper Cervical Spine Model

  • Delamination lumbar Model

    Delamination Lumbar Spine Model

  • Degenerative Lumbar Epidural Trainer - degenerative lumbar

    Degenerative Lumbar Epidural Trainer

  • discectomy demonstrator model simulator lxh

    Dissection Demonstrator LxH Spine Model

  • lumbar model

    Loaded LxH Lumbar Model

  • child spine model

    Child Friendly Lumbar Model