• lumbar model

    Loaded LxH Lumbar Model

  • child spine model

    Child Friendly Lumbar Model

  • A spine model with a degenerated disc useful for understanding directional preferences for back pain

    Degenerated Disc Spine Model

  • modic model, modic vertebra, endplate, basivertebral nerve

    Modic vertebra with the basivertebral nerve demonstrating bone inflammation.

  • Cervical Prox1
    Rated 4.00 out of 5

    Cervical Prox1 Dynamic Disc Model

  • Double spondy model

    Double Spondy Dynamic Disc Model

  • centralizer lumbar model

    Degenerative Centralizer Lumbar Spine Model

  • Endplate Modeling

    Endplate Modeling

  • Pediatric spine model

    Pediatric Spine Model

  • endplate herniation - Endplate junction disruption model

    Endplate Junction Disruption Model

  • L4-L5 Modic Model

    Modic Spine Model

  • Radiopaque Models

    Radio-opaque Models

  • Biomechanical Model spine

    Biomechanical Model | Spine

  • Endplate fracture model

    Endplate Fracture Model

  • Spinal Library

    Virtual Digital Spinal Library