Lumbar multilevel models help the spine pain practitioner explain clinical findings related to pain. Our lumbar models are dynamic and interactive to help patients see clearly the problem.

  • L1-4 hypermobile lumbar model

    L1-4 Hypermobile Lumbar Dynamic Disc Model

  • Hypermobility Lumbar Model, instability, model

    Hypermobility Lumbar Dynamic Disc Model

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  • Double spondy model

    Double Spondy Dynamic Disc Model

  • hypermobile lumbar model - Multilevel Hypermobilty Lumbar Model

    Multilevel Hypermobilty Lumbar Dynamic Disc Model

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  • Multilevel Lumbar Model L4-S1

    Multilevel Lumbar Dynamic Disc Model L4-S1

  • Transparent multi-level spine model - Medial branch lumbar model

    Multilevel Custom Spine Model with Medial Branch

  • spinal manipulation

    Multilevel Spinal Manipulation Model

  • Professional Lumbar Package
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Spine Educator

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    Several select models to help educate spine patients with almost any condition. Equip yourself with the ability to teach patients their problems when offering solutions.

  • Professional Lumbar Package

    Surgeon’s Education Package

    $1,320.00 $1,200.00 Sale!

    A series of popular models with the spine surgeon in mind when it comes to helping patients see the spinal problem so a viable surgical solution can be offered.

  • custom pro package deluxe

    Custom Pro Package Deluxe

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