• A Lumbar epidural training model with the ligamentum flavum (diametre 4mm) and associated interspinous ligament

    Lumbar Epidural Trainer

  • EpiClear Lumbar trainer

    Lumbar Epidural Trainer (Epiclear)

  • Delamination lumbar Model

    Delamination Lumbar Spine Model

  • Degenerative Lumbar Epidural Trainer - degenerative lumbar

    Degenerative Lumbar Epidural Trainer

  • Professional Lumbar Package

    Surgeon’s Education Package

    $1,320.00 $1,200.00 Sale!

    A series of popular models with the spine surgeon in mind when it comes to helping patients see the spinal problem so a viable surgical solution can be offered.

  • custom pro package deluxe

    Custom Pro Package Deluxe

    $2,316.00 $2,100.00 Sale!
  • discectomy demonstrator model simulator lxh

    Dissection Demonstrator LxH Spine Model

  • intervertebral disc, modeling, patient educationJerome Fryer

    Non-Herniating Dynamic Disc Model


    A Dynamic Disc Model without a frank herniation when the model is compressed in flexion helping the practitioner deliver messages of self empowerment and tissue robustness. Perfect for those driven to avoid nocebo while teaching anatomy.

  • lumbar model

    Loaded LxH Lumbar Model

  • A spine model with a degenerated disc useful for understanding directional preferences for back pain

    Degenerated Disc Spine Model

  • Pediatric spine model

    Pediatric Spine Model

  • endplate herniation - Endplate junction disruption model

    Endplate Junction Disruption Model

  • L4-L5 Modic Model

    Modic Spine Model

  • Pediatric L4-5 Model

    Pediatric L4-5 Model

  • ligamentous lxh model lumbar

    Ligamentous LXH Model