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Pelvic Models – Dynamic Disc Modeling

Revolutionary pelvic models of the spine. We develop dynamic models of the pelvis with unrivaled scientific detail, showing pelvic tilt and movement of the sacroiliac joints, as well as lumbopelvic dysfunctions. Our models are designed by chiropractor Dr. Jerome Fryer to help explain to patients the causes of back pain, improving patient outcomes through education. Pricing varies from $800-$2300 depending on the request for anatomical detail.

Our pelvic models are casted from real cadaveric bone with real bony detail. They are crafted with flexible joints that allow the minor movements that sacro-iliac joints express.

  • A pelvic spine model demonstrating the dynamic motion of the sacroiliac joints and pubic symphysis

    Pelvic Model Translucent Sacroiliac – A model of lumbopelvic motion

  • A lumbopelvis model with elastomeric sacroiliac joints

    LumboPelvis (L3-Pubic Symphysis) Spine Model