• disc herniation models

    Disc Herniation Models (Group A)

  • stand

    Round Wood Stand

  • Professional Lumbar Package

    Back Pain Essential Models for Effective Patient Education

  • wood stand base

    Square Wood Stand


    A beautiful way to showcase your Dynamic Disc Model. (Name plating optional). DC, MD, PT, DO's welcome.

  • disc disruption illustration digital

    Disc Disruption Illustration – Digital Graphic

  • Professional Lumbar Package

    Fryer’s picks

    $955.00 $855.00 Sale!
  • Thoracic epidural placement model

    Thoracic Epidural Placement Spine Model

  • Tear-off back pain mini poster for patients

    Tear-off Back Pain Mini Poster For Patients


    A small companion as a take home message sheet to help patients understand and learn the postures related to their symptoms. This is mini poster version.

  • Dual acrylic stand for spine models

    Dual Acrylic Stand

  • Degenerative Lumbar Epidural Trainer - degenerative lumbar

    Degenerative Lumbar Epidural Trainer

  • EpiClear Lumbar trainer

    Lumbar Epidural Trainer (Epiclear)

  • Anatomy of Pain Poster

    Anatomy of Pain Poster

    $65.00 $35.00 Sale!

    Ad media to your models by incorporating a poster to the wall to drive home the messages related to spine education. More cues to help patients remember.

  • Thoracic spine model

    Thoracic spine model

  • Single stand for spine models

    Single Acrylic Stand For Spine Models


    Display your model with an acrylic stand. Includes 4 rubber feet and a 1/4 inch round post to allow the model to sit and spin in position.

  • A Lumbar epidural training model with the ligamentum flavum (diametre 4mm) and associated interspinous ligament

    Lumbar Epidural Trainer