• disc disruption illustration digital

    Disc Disruption Illustration – Digital Graphic

  • Transparent multi-level spine model - Medial branch lumbar model

    Multilevel Custom Spine Model with Medial Branch

  • EpiClear Lumbar trainer

    Lumbar Epidural Trainer (Epiclear)

  • A pelvic spine model demonstrating the dynamic motion of the sacroiliac joints and pubic symphysis

    Pelvic Model Translucent Sacroiliac – A model of lumbopelvic motion

  • hypermobility cervical model

    Hypermobilty Cervical Spine Model

  • Multilevel Lumbar Model L4-S1

    Multilevel Lumbar Dynamic Disc Model L4-S1

  • L1-4 hypermobile lumbar model

    L1-4 Hypermobile Lumbar Dynamic Disc Model


    A dynamic disc model revealing a hypermobile motion segment to educate on concepts of spinal stability as it relates to pain triggers.

  • Multilevel Multicoloured Cervical Model - Disc Herniation

    Multilevel Multicoloured Cervical Dynamic Disc Model

  • upper cervical model

    Upper Cervical Spine Model

  • Delamination lumbar Model

    Delamination Lumbar Spine Model

  • Degenerative Lumbar Epidural Trainer - degenerative lumbar

    Degenerative Lumbar Epidural Trainer

  • custom pro package deluxe

    Custom Pro Package Deluxe

  • discectomy demonstrator model simulator lxh

    Dissection Demonstrator LxH Spine Model

  • intervertebral disc, modeling, patient educationJerome Fryer

    Non-Herniating Dynamic Disc Model

    A Dynamic Disc Model without a frank herniation when the model is compressed in flexion helping the practitioner deliver messages of self empowerment and tissue robustness. Perfect for those driven to avoid nocebo while teaching anatomy.

  • lumbar model

    Loaded LxH Lumbar Model