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A spinal manipulation model that elicits a ‘crack’ when the right L4-5 facets are pressed together and released quickly. A dynamic disc model to demonstrate not only the approximation of the facets with disc height loss as the neural arch bears more load but this model can also show the therapeutic benefits of facet joint gapping as in the act of manipulation. Also nick-named: The Oracle Model because of its role in the development of a research piece explained in more detail here.

(NEW Painted Facets and NEW Disc Dynamics which includes a circumferential disc bulge with a superimposed protrusion)

Details include:

  • 2-part dynamic intervertebral disc (nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus)
  • simulated synovial fold that emits an audible sound when distracted
  • life-size  L4 and L5 vertebrae
  • palpable smooth hyaline facet surfaces with one having a roughened surface showing degenerative changes
  • red nuclear extrusion and protrusion under load
  • optional detailed cauda equina with and without rootlets. (see Professional LxH Model for details)

Additional Information


No additions, add cauda equina, add cauda equina with rootlets

3 reviews for Audible Release Dynamic Disc Model

  1. Brandon Steele

    These models have unmatched quality and are perfect for patient education. I recommend every practitioner utilizing spinal manipulation uses these models to improve patient engagement and understanding.

    • Jerome Fryer

      Thank you, Brandon. Check them out at Impressive service for #chiropractors.

  2. Dr. Dave Linford (verified owner)

    Great model. Simple and effective patient education tool.

  3. Debbie Wright

    This is probably the most used model in my office. People are curious about the cavitation associated with SMT and this model helps to explain what is actually happening in a way that is clear and simple.

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